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Dr. Noor Othman is a specialist in dental implants and cosmetics. At Noor Dental Clinic, we believe that a smile can change your life. Because abeautiful and healthy smile can alter not just how you look, but how you feel about yourself. Our professional and certified team will help you achieve the highest level of dental health to help you feel confident in your smile. We've provided good, high-quality dental care for people of all ages, placing the focus on our patients' satisfaction.

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With years of professional experience in the field of dentistry, we will provide you with excellent results.

Dental Implants

If you have lost any teeth, then you are a perfect candidate for dental implants. A dental implant is the replacement of the root of a tooth. We secure the implants into the jawbone, making sure that they won’t be visible after surgery.

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Root Canal Fillers

Root canal fillers is a simple medical procedure that is done to relieve dental pain and maintain health. Patients usually resort to it when they suffer from inflammation or an infection at the root of the teeth. We will remove the pulp of the tooth, and place a filler to fill the vacuum.

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Gum Contouring

If your gums sit too low or too high on your teeth, you may be perfect for our gum contouring surgery. This dental procedure works to even out an uneven gum line to give you a smile you can be proud of.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry refers to any procedure that works to improve the appearance of your teeth. Here we focus purely on aesthetics, modifying factors such as color, position, shape, size and more to get you to your ideal overall smile.

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Cosmetic Fillings

A cosmetic filling is a procedure that places a material inside of a decayed tooth to restore it back to its original state. The filling is designed to mimic the color of your teeth, making it so that no one will even notice you have the procedure done.

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Pediatric Dentistry

At Noor Dental Clinic, we are dedicated to the oral health of children. We provide adequate dental care for children’s teeth, gums and mouth throughout their childhood.

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Oral Surgery

We perform multiple types of oral surgeries, with our most popular type being tooth extractions. Other types of surgeries include corrective jaw surgery, and detecting and treating case-specific diseases.

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Orthodontics focuses on the physical correction of teeth and jaws. We treat malocclusion, a condition in which the teeth are not correctly positioned when the mouth is closed.

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Dental Cleaning (Scaling and Polishing)

Accumulation of plaque over time can cause cavities, gum disease, gingivitis and periodontal disease. The best way to prevent this is to brush your teeth twice a day, but no matter how adept and devoted you are to this practice, there will always be places a toothbrush can’t reach.

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Teeth Whitening

Our professional teeth whitening system is ideal for anyone looking for immediate whitening results. Teeth whitening is one of our most common procedures, and there are many ways to do this process to get an attractive smile using the the latest devices.

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